Ojiyas Threaded Hole Location Gauge CPG is devised for measuring position of threaded holes position, their center distances and pitch using coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Ojiyas offer the best way to locate the thread center by locating the internal thread pitch diameter cylinder center. You can simply screwing  Ojiyas Threaded Hole locator Gage into the threaded hole and then the hole center is located with a CMM, precision comparator, laser scanner or some other measurement tool. The end of the Threaded Hole Location Gage that protrudes out of the threaded hole has a ‘known cylinder’ is the measurement reference and a knurl to ease insertion and removal.

Ojiyas Threaded Hole Location Gauge CPG is popular style of threaded hole locator as they have many sizes available from stock from and measurement. The superb finish is carefully lapped and designed for M3 to M20 size range of thread. The Solid Threaded Hole Location Gage is screwed tight to the part surface that is perpendicular to the thread. The pressure against the collar, as it is tightened, forces the Solid Threaded Hole Locator to self center against the internal thread flank angles. Ojiyas

The bottom side of the Ojiyas’ CPG collar has been designed with a round relieve so that only the outer most diameter contacts the surface of the part. However, the problem occur if the surface is not perpendicular by design or the human factor of miss-conduct the measurement on such thread. Screwing against a sloped surface may also tip the locator and mis-position the Threaded Hole Location Gage which in turn will give a repeatitive error of measurement. This problem can be solved simply by routine calibration with master gauges, you just have to be sure that the bottom surface of the collar is safe from wear and tear.

Ojiyas Threaded Hole Location Gauge CPG Features:

  • The thread member is based on 6H or class 2 of GO side standard and can be used to inspect the pitch diameter of threaded hole.
  • The cylindrical member (pin gauge part) has concetricity within 0,01and the perpendicularity of its end-face is within 0,005, with respect to the thread member.
  • The center of both threaded hole and thread member is maintained by tightening mechanism.
  • The material used is SKS-31 with its hardness beyond HRC58 after the Ojiyas patented heat treatment