Ojiyas Thread Depth Gauge with Graduation Scale DSG-HS is devised to inspect the precision of thread depth and gage thread size at the same time. Basically, Ojiyas DSG gauge is a go plug gauge with a spring load sleeve, thumbwheel and a Vernier scale to show the depth of complete threads for highly repetitive parts. The manually operated Ojiyas gage for gauging threads and their depths in one single step is available in two models, the DS Gauge-HS for high spec accuracy in QC lab (0,1mm Increment) and DS Gauge for workshop use (0,5mm Increment).

Ojiyas Thread Depth Gauge with Graduation Scale DSG-HS gauges are using the standardized taper lock thread plug gages for fast and accurate thread depth and size control. To replace the gauge part or to test your compatible gauging equipment to a different size or due to the wear occurred, a zero setting master and removing tool are also available. Being one of the highly economical methods of the testing thread, Ojiyas DS Gauge-HS can effectively measure thread depth with 0.1mm scale. The pitch diameters of the thread can also be inspected for pinpoint no go accuracy. Specific thread hole design and its depth also can be coped by request. Furthermore, to check the precision of its go no go gauges you can also compare the application of this handy gauges with regular plug gages as a transfer media to micrometer, profile projector or Sylvac S-Scan 25/50 Optical Measuring Machines.

Ojiyas Thread Depth Gauge with Graduation Scale DSG-HS allow you to inspect both pitch diameter and effective length of the threaded part of female screw thread of M2 to M18 accurately. Since it can check two points measurement at the same time, it provides shorten measuring and production time at a reduced cost. Standard type DSG and High spec type DSG-HS are available. Ojiyas DSG-HS is used for relatively deep holes and provides a precise reading especially when you are on-site inspection.


Ojiyas Thread Depth Gauge with Graduation Scale DSG-HS Features:

  • Available for M2 to M18 thread sizes.
  • Easy depth setting with optional master setting gage with effective thread depth can be measured with 0.1mm scale increments.
  • Reading scale is always visible as you twist & rotates the gauge
  • Depth scale can be fixed for minimum thread depth
  • The pitch diameter of the thread can be inspected as well so it can reduce the inspection cost.
  • The thread hole and its depth also can be coped with by request.
  • Dual end design as No Go gauge conveniently located on opposite end of handle
  • Gage internal threads and accurately measure thread depth at the same time
  • Comfortable thimble with sleek gauge body which is ideal for use with cylindrical plug gage for measuring bore depth on highly repetitive job.