Established in Germany, since 1948 Diatest Hermann Költgen GmbH is highly regarded by many engineering specialist in aerospace, defense and medical industry. Each Diatest solution is distinctively designed with practicality in mind. Diatest Hermann Költgen GmbH is DIN ISO 9001 certified. DIATEST guarantees ultimate quality and reliable instruments with the accuracy of up to 0.0002 mm / 0.000008 Inch.

Diatest External Taper Gauge AKT Series are devised to measures the major angular on internal diameter of the smallest diameter of an external cone. Once your operator knows the necessary angle of the chamfer gauge is and the approximate diameter of the chamfer, the correct gauge for their application can be selected conveniently. You can simply put the tapered plunger over external cone to be measured and press the gauge firmly and evenly against the surface of the part. Then, the measurement on the display indicator can be read instantly.

Diatest External Taper Gauge AKT Series allows your operator to work faster as it does not require a master to set the gauge on every job. Selectable display models for Diatest chamfer gauge on internal measurements are consist of AKT-DI with digital indicator and AKT with dial gauge for value range. Diatest External Taper Gauge AKT Series also equipped with wireless data transfer and USB connection for measurement data record or further analysis on spreadsheet (Ms Excel).

Delivered on stock, a Diatest gauge set includes: AKT gauge with shock protected mechanical special indicator c/w test certificate, wooden box, instruction for use. The AKT gauge is zero-set at the factory and ready for use on factory floor ranges from the aviation and aerospace industry, injection mould, cutting tools, casting and jig making, the automobile and hydraulics industry, medical industry as well as general engineering. For internal chamfer you can opt for Diatest Internal Taper Gauge IKT Series.

Diatest External Taper Gauge AKT Features:

  • Made of hardened steel for durability and repetitive accuracy.
  • Shock protected indicator Scale graduation of indicator 0,01mm.
  • Ease of use due to its direct approach of touch and go.
  • Convenient internal calibration can easily be done by setting master or limit gauge.
  • Delivered on stock by Diatest calibration lab.
  • Fast and secure wireless transfer of measured values to your computer system
  • Operating distances: up to 200 m in a clear field, up to 20 m in a building
  • Powered by battery CR2450 with low energy consumption ensure your productivity with lesser down time and practical maintenance.


Diatest External Taper Gauge Selectable Models:

  • Diatest IKT60 for cone < 60° = Measuring range 0.5 to 121 mm, several instruments needed
  • Diatest IKT90 for cone < 60° and > 90°= Measuring range 0.5 to 120 mm, several instruments needed
  • Diatest IKT127 for cone < 90° and => 127° = Measuring range 0.5 to 121 mm, several instruments needed