Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauges are devised to inspect the precision of thread depth and gage thread size at the same time. Basically, Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauges are consists of a GO/NO GO screw thread plug gauge with digital sensor display and a spring load sleeve mechanism to gauge depth of complete threads for highly repetitive parts. The digital display has 0.01 mm or 0.0005 inch of resolution which is highly practical for internal diameter of precision chamfers with tapered holes at difficult angle. You can either choose both ends on plug gages or can also be combined with additional digital indicator.

Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauge allows your operator to work faster as it does not require a master to set the gauge on every job. You can also use this device as a complementary tool to gage the depth of microbore or smaller cavity instead of using regular pin gage as the transfer gages on micrometer. Its interchangeable inserts threads constructed to DIN 2282 (Pass) and DIN 2284 (No Go) with M3 capacity to M18 (or corresponding inch). You can also use the TD-Gauge for inspection of M3 to M18 with output OPTO-RS format data or wireless data transfer for measurement data record or further analysis on spreadsheet (Ms Excel).

Delivered on stock, a Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauge c/w test certificate, wooden box, instruction for use. Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauge is highly regarded for the aviation and aerospace industry, mould casting and jig making, the automobile and hydraulics industry, medical industry as well as general engineering. Specific thread hole design and its depth also can be coped by request. Furthermore, to check the precision of its go no go gauges you can also compare the application of this handy gauges with other brands of plugs and micrometer, profile projector or Sylvac S-Scan 25/50 Optical Measuring Machines.


Diatest Digital Thread Depth Gauge TD-Gauge Features:

  • Made of hardened steel for durability and repetitive accuracy.
  • Shock protected indicator Scale graduation of indicator 0,01mm.
  • Ease of use due to its direct approach of touch and go.
  • Convenient internal calibration can easily be done by setting master or limit gauge.
  • Delivered on stock by Diatest calibration lab.
  • Fast and secure wireless transfer of measured values to your computer system.
  • Operating distances: up to 200 m in a clear field, up to 20 m in a building
  • Powered by battery CR2450 with low energy consumption ensure your productivity with lesser down time and practical maintenance.