Ojiyas Digital Type Air Micrometer ad-L8 is devised to measure dimension of the workpieces precisely based on the principles of aerodynamics. When connected to air compressor and air probes or limit gauges, this compact display unit sense the dimension of workpiece by using the obstruction flow of air and its comparison that changes in measurements by converting quantity of air or changes in pressure within air pipe. Your workpieces are free from damage because of noncontact approach which is highly demanded for inspecting soft and delicate materials. The system can measure inside and outside diameters, thickness, perpendicularly, cilindricity and circularity tolerances as well.

By connecting the Ojiyas air jet or limit gauges of other brands to the Ojiyas Digital Type Air Micrometer ad-L8 Series, the gap between the workpiece and the air nozzle that correspond directly to the change in air flow and pressure is displayed in enlarged scale. Thanks to its multiple display of both 3 colors LED bar (red, green and orange) and TFT screen, operation for parameter setting and identification for pass – fail test can be quickly done. Differential pressure type circuit is adopted to compensate the variation in the pressure of the air source that could spoil the measurement. You can immediately interpolate the measurement of examined workpiece and manually adjust the acceptable tolerance on its front panel. For multi gauging application, you can simply make a daisy-chaining connection and bind them side by side by fastening them together on its lower base panel.

This value digital air gauge display is offered with resolution from 0,0001mm to 0,0020mm on 4 model ranges. A precise and simple measurement is confirmed by its multiple display which can also be recorded on PC’s spreadsheet. You no longer need a separate display panel and printers in mass-production line. Compared with the conventional model, Ojiyas Digital Type Air Micrometer ad-LF Series allows for narrower tolerances of accuracy with the magnification of 20, 50, 100 and 200μm of measuring range. However, if you are looking for conventional air display amplifier for economic pass – fail test, you might also wants to consider Ojiyas Air Girl Column Display F Series.

Ojiyas Air Girl Column Display Flow Type Features:

  • Compact form factor with thinner body allows for any placement within your industrial bench
  • Easier key input on the current functions
  • Direct jump to mastering display via I/O device
  • Switchable Metric to Inch display
  • Password protected for rewriting programs
  • Easy reading scale for faster quality measurement
  • Easy operation with minimum function
  • Because of noncontact measurement, the workpiece are damage free
  • Quick float speed with superior stability
  • Easy to change to multiple column
  • Employed a protection cover to protect the taper tube