Ojiyas Flow Type Air Micrometer AIR GIRL II is an analog column type air gauging display unit. Flow type air micrometer ia a comparative measuring instrument based on the fluid dynamics which can measure the dimension quickly by reading the float movement inside the taper tube. AIR GIRL II provides excellent design and durablity at a lower cost. On top of that, the analog design makes it easier  to maintain.

With air gauges and air micrometers, you can improve the inspection efficiency of workpieces in mass-production lines. The workpieces will also be free of damage also due to the non-contact nature of such a measurement method. Thus, the system is suitable for measuring delicate materials. However, if you are looking for a digital display with 0.2 µm – 2 µm resolution and maximum error of 6 µm, you can consider the Ojiyas Digital Type Air Micrometer ad-L8 Series.


Ojiyas Flow Type Air Micrometer AIR GIRL Ⅱ Features:

  • Available in 4 tyes of magnification range of; x1000, x2000, x5000, 10000
  • Compact form factor with 50% lighter weight than previous model
  • Taper glass pipe can be maintained easily
  • Easy operation with better performance which adheres to JIS B 7535
  • Non-contact measurement will cause the workpiece to be protected from damage due to contact
  • Quick float speed with superior stability
  • Versatile design for multiple columns
  • Protection cover helps to protect the taper tube