Ojiyas Thread Plug Gage Bit-Plus With Hex Drill Shank is optimized for quick and simple inspection of threaded holes and pitch using Go/No Go approach. Ojiyas offer the best way to inspect the thread holes on large and busy queue as you can simply plug the hex end of the thread gage to any chuck of cordless screw driver into the threaded workpiece. Furthermore, the shank with hex end drill bit also accomodate screw inspection with calibrated air tools on tight places or awkward angle.

The bottom side of the Ojiyas Thread Plug Gage Bit-Plus With Hex Drill Shank has been designed with standardized ISO program so that you can either buy any cordless screw driver as long as it is calibrated with a minimum torque of 0,3Nm. However, the problem occur if the torque is not regulated and calibrated, as your thread screw will wear much faster than the calibrated one, which in turn will give a repeatitive error of inspection. This problem can easily be solved simply by routine calibration with master gauges. Be advised that you just have to be sure to do a routine check up on the bottom surface of the collar chuck and store it safely from wear and tear.


Ojiyas Thread Plug Gage Bit-Plus With Hex Drill Shank Features:

  • Hex drill bit shank is suitable for cordless drill chuck for manual and automated checking of thread on large quantity as well.
  • The fast action Go/NOGO thread gauge for motorized screwdriver Range: M3 to M16 Size
  • Low speed mode intended for calibrated minimum torque of 0,3Nm
  • The width across flat of the hex drill bit is 6,35mm
  • The center of both threaded hole and thread member is maintained by tightening mechanism.
  • The material used is SKS-31 with its hardness beyond HRC58 after the Ojiyas patented heat treatment
  • Other size and spec can be custom-ordered