Diatest Internal Gear Gauge MK-ZM7 is devised for measuring of internal and external gear gauges, taper and ovality. This gauge flexible indicating 2-point measuring instruments for internal gear gauging. Balls are made of carbide. Many ball diameters are available on stock as well as roller anvils. Measuring range: 0.6 mm to 1.6 mm for split-ball system (Mi =3.5 mm to 26.1 mm/0.14″ to 1.03″) 3 mm for plunger probe system (Mi = 26.1 mm to 333 mm/ 1.03″ to 13″). For zero setting, please use measured sample components or setting masters. Mechanical and digital indicators storing the MIN-value can be used. Special designs on request.


  • Range between balls Mi = 3.5 to 333 m
  • Constructed in the same way as the split-ball and plunger probe system
  • Split-ball and plunger probe accessories can be applied
  • Tungsten carbide measuring balls
  • Starting from Mi = 9.3 mm (T-ZM3!) the ball anvils are interchangeable
  • Measuring range from 0.6 to 3 mm, depending on model
  • Identical to Split-Ball and Plunger Probe system
  • Measurement of diameter and length
  • Alternative: self-centering Plug Gauge BMD-IV (starting from cylinder-Ø 10 mm) for serial measurement