The Ojiyas air jet acts like a measurement probe and is to be used together with a display. Ojiyas air jet LV type is a contact type of air jet shaped like the Ojiyas air jet VC type. The Ojiyas air jet LV type is used for measuring outside diameter of workpieces with a surface roughness of more than 6.3 μm Rz or having measured surface width of less than 5 mm. The carbide ball is set on the measuring point of the contact leaf (blade spring).

The Ojiyas Air Jet LV type can measure the following:

  • outside diameters
  • flatness
  • perpendicularity
  • cylindricity
  • circularity or roundness

Here are some other applications that air gauges can be used for:

Here are some other types of Ojiyas Air Jets:

  1. Ojiyas Air Jet LA & LB type
  2. Ojiyas Air Jet OR type
  3. Ojiyas Air Jet VC type