Ojiyas LaCUT is devised as a tight fit jig to put your probe head and stop the air flow which are released from gauge head when you need a sudden stop in checking a workpiece. By investing on Ojiyas LaCUT Air Micrometer Jig, you can have more efficient consumption cycle of air when measurement at a standby mode, especially when your workshop have an intensively busy line of air flow circuit which are used together with air tools.

This practical jig also accept various size of limit gauge and safely secure it on place without a scratch on your probes. Thanks to its modular design and high quality Japanese craftmanship, this jig accept Ojiyas air jet which are used together with Ojiyas air girl and other brands of pneumatic micrometer within the diameter of 6mm to 70mm as well.

Ojiyas LaCUT Air Micrometer Jig Features:

  • Compact form factor with thinner body allows for any placement within your industrial bench
  • Easy operation with minimum function
  • Because of noncontact measurement, the workpiece are damage free
  • Quick float speed with superior stability