Diatest Special Mesuring Anvils Gage are devised as a essential accesories to improve the accuracy needed on measuring the external and internal diameter of precision gears, splines, tapered holes and helical fastener. Once your operator knows the necessary angle and the approximate diameter, the correct shape of anvils to gauge the workpiece can be connected to thread M2.5 which is compatible with most dial indicator.

On many applications specially shaped ball or roller anvils are required for e.g. measuring devices, hand-held measuring instruments etc. The measuring balls or roller anvils are made of carbide. The standard ball anvil KS-MU is suited for use in e.g. dial indicators and measuring devices. For daily zero setting, you can simply use measured sample components or setting masters.

Your investment on Diatest Special Mesuring Anvils Gage, will allows your operator to work faster as it ease the way to interpolate and setting of the gauge on every job. The balls anvils are made of carbide for both durability and consistency. The carbide balls have a tolerance of +/- 0.001 mm, and other ball diameters are available on stock as well as roller anvils. Delivered on stock, a Diatest gauge  ready for use on factory floor ranges from the aviation and aerospace industry, mould casting and jig making, the automobile and hydraulics industry, medical industry as well as general engineering.

Diatest Special Mesuring Anvils Gage Features:

  • Made of hardened steel for durability and repetitive accuracy.
  • Ease of use due to its direct approach of touch and go.
  • The carbide balls have a tolerance of +/- 0.001 mm
  • Tolerance of roller anvil: h6 (more precise on request)
  • The connection thread M2.5 can be directly screwed onto most dial