The versatile Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL Series are optimized for vertical bore measurement with repetitive precision on smaller bore. Built to coform with DIN 863 Standard, the Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL Series are providing accurate displays suitable within repeatabilty of 4 µm. Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL has a practical ergonomic action and can be fitted with wide variety of analogue and digital indicators or even transducer probes within its 0.001mm resolution (0.00005″). Each type of bore gauge is offered with either mini indicator with simple LCD and standard sized digital indicator.

Your investment on this highly efficient gages will allow you to work on either for bore gauging under inspection department or shop-floor conditions. The Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL can also be provided with IP65 rated digital indicators which are resistant to coolant, water and airborne particles. Each gages have a traceable serial number on its indicators and measuring heads. A ‘wireless’ gauge module is also available, enabling cable free communication with remote data storage or PC for quality inspection and adds up the versatility of workpiece that you can work with.

Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL has a hardwearing extended travel carbide measuring anvils and is able to measure diameters up to 100mm. Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL is affordable investment in measuring vertical bores, combustion chambers, pipes, cylindrical exhaust system and inner tubes with full sets of certificate for your ultimate precision.

Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL Series Features:

  • Measuring range 6-100mm (diameters above 100mm on request)
  • Resolution 0.001mm (0.00005″)
  • Excellent for vertical bore measurement.
  • Simple 2-button operation.
  • Large easy-to-read swivel display (20-100 sizes only)
  • 2 preset memories.
  • RS-232C output.
  • Self-entering heads with constant measuring pressure.
  • Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from 12.5mm.
  • Blind bore measurement above 12.5mm (0.500″)
  • Extensions available above 6mm for deep hole measurement.
  • Setting rings included with individual instruments and sets.
  • UKAS certificates supplied as standard with all setting rings.
  • UKAS certificates supplied with all gauges.
  • Heads with special anvils available to suit specific customer requirements (e.g. Threads, grooves, 2-point, spherical, splines etc)
  • Bore gauges manufactured according to DIN863, part4.
  • Bluetooth indicator option available over 20mm.